The Resolutionaries

The ResolutionariesOn January 3rd, I drove into the parking lot at the gym. What did I find? Okay, what didn’t I find? A parking spot. When I entered the gym I did not find an empty elliptical nor an empty treadmill. The resolutionaries were back.

Another new year, another set of resolutions. By the end of March, most of our resolutions will be dissolved. The reason: we jump into our resolutions at the end, instead of easing Continue Reading »


Can Video Games Really Improve Your Cognitive Skills?

Can Video Games Really Improve Your Cognitive Skills?Cognition is a process of receiving information from conscious mind inside the brain and processing it to extract some meaning from the subconscious mind. This process involves stages like judgment, reasoning and perception.

However, this process is made up of complex networks such that at every time the brain should be at work, in this activity or the other in a bid to keep Continue Reading »


Getting There

Getting ThereImagine traveling along in a car to an important meeting. In fact, the meeting is a life and death situation: If you don’t get to the exact location on time, someone will die! Or, if you do get to a certain destination on time, you will win ten million dollars! You would want to make sure your vehicle is in tiptop condition and fueled up, lubed, everything working perfectly, Continue Reading »


Private Pilot Oral Exam Tips and Notes

Private Pilot Oral Exam Tips and NotesYou’re just about there. You’ve passed your written exam, you’ve studied and practiced, and studied some more. You’ve got your hours and your instructor thinks you’re ready. Ready for what?

You’re ready for the oral exam and check-ride!

I’ve recently been tracking my progress through the process of attaining the coveted private pilot’s certification Continue Reading »


Create Balance in Life

Create Balance in LifeMany articles and reports have been written to create balance in life.

Why are there so many reports on this related topic?

As society standards are ever revolving from time to time, many adults are reported feeling overwhelmed to create balance in their life. One of the main reasons are the failure to create balance in life.

Creating an ideal balance in life will be an act between Continue Reading »


Top 6 Questions People Have Before They Begin to Think About Personal Development for Themselves

Top 6 Questions People Have Before They Begin to Think About Personal Development for ThemselvesFor most people, personal growth or personal development is not only a process in itself, but getting to the point of realizing that it may be something they want to incorporate into their lives is also a process. Most people don’t wake up one day out of the blue and decide that they want to focus on their own personal growth. There are usually questions and recurring situations they one continues to struggle Continue Reading »


How Can I Let Go of Guilt and Forgive Myself?

How Can I Let Go of Guilt and Forgive Myself?This is a perennial question for some and a poignant obstacle for others. Others still have no idea where to begin. Feelings of guilt and thoughts of condemnation are programmed so solidly within both heart and mind. But there is always hope for healing!

Jim Diamond’s pleading voice resounds in the 1982 hit, I Won’t Let You Down. “PhD,” the band, was a one-hit-wonder. But, never mind, because Continue Reading »


Is There Something Missing In Your Life?

Is There Something Missing In Your Life?As you begin to realize who you truly are right now you will begin to see just how much in love with your self you are.

You really do love yourself. It is primal.

The only thing missing is your realization of just who you are. You have misidentified and mistaken who you are with who you think you are.

You suffer that mistake big time. If the “spark” of desiring Continue Reading »