Know Your Presence

Know Your PresenceWhat the heck does “know your presence” mean? Good question! Before I answer, I want to remind you that you are a multidimensional being. You experience life on several dimensions: the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual planes of existence.

The level you are most familiar with is the physical plane. Knowing Your Presence on this level relates to self-esteem. Esteem is defined as “value Continue Reading »


What Is Emotional Intelligence And How Can We Benefit From It?

What Is Emotional Intelligence And How Can We Benefit From It?What is emotional intelligence and how can one benefit from it? There are quite a number of definitions for it. Most people will define this as an art whereby an individual is able to synchronize his mind and body acts through mind control acts; some define the subject as a high aura impulses which aid an individual react to situation. All these individuals are right; any individual who’s attained emotional Continue Reading »


Dealing With Your Blushing Phobia

Dealing With Your Blushing PhobiaBlushing is a natural reaction from embarrassment or excitement. While most people take no exception to this, there are those who are actually quite embarrassed and get to the point that they develop a fear of blushing. This is actually a form of social phobia and can need to anxiety or panic attacks. Individuals who suffer from this usually feel as though they’re constantly Continue Reading »


Who Is Smarter, A Doctor Or A Plumber?

Who Is Smarter, A Doctor Or A Plumber?I recently attended a small private gathering of some well to do friends. Friends gathering for an evening social hour. Among them were a couple of doctors, several lawyers, a stock broker and a well known real estate broker.

The neighbor on the other side of the fence, who was a plumber by trade, was playing with his children. There was a lot of giggling and laughing Continue Reading »


Life? Quoi?

Life? Quoi?It has taken me 1,698,278,400 seconds to come to the sudden realisation that this life business is not so infinite after all. In the recent 1,000 seconds or so, I have calculated that I have, given my family DNA, somewhere between 628,992,000 and 943,488,000 seconds left available to solve all the life questions I have left unanswered. With my super unhealthy life style, I should probably reckon on 628,992,000 Continue Reading »


Experiences Vs Identity

Experiences Vs IdentityI have been to Disneyland, I have been to Brazil, I have been in a blizzard, I have seen a tornado. I have been underwater and I have flown in the sky. I have been a paid actor, I have swung on a trapeze, I have been in love, I have suffered from a broken heart, I have lived with many others, I have lived on my own. Of all of these things that I have done, have seen or have lived through, none Continue Reading »


Too Much Empathy Makes You Weak – Weakness is Not Noble

Too Much Empathy Makes You Weak - Weakness is Not NobleModern Day Psychologists tell us that empathy is a human innate characteristic and if you lack it, then there is something definitely wrong with you. But, where is there documentation to prove this, as the human species has evolved and is still evolving? Empathy is innate, but how much an individual needs to have to function properly is perhaps highly over rated.

Why would Continue Reading »


Why Is Being Grateful Considered Such a Good Thing?

Why Is Being Grateful Considered Such a Good Thing?Often, when people seem a bit down or a bit depressed or a bit out of sorts, the advice that is given, sometimes very directly is that the person should be a bit more grateful for their situation. The old adage ‘count your blessings’ is a form of this advice, and for many people is a mixed blessing in itself.

The idea of forcing oneself to be grateful can work Continue Reading »