The Upsides of Downsides

The Upsides of DownsidesHave you every had a pineapple upside down cake? I am sure that if you have, you would agree with me that it is quite yummy! But do you really think that this cake was intentionally made to be turned around? It was probably someone’s mistake, where the topside of the cake turned out less than desirable and then just turned it around and made it work.

As the old saying goes “stuff happens” Continue Reading »


Fear Factor: Not Just A Reality TV Show

Fear Factor: Not Just A Reality TV ShowYou’re not alone if you’re scared. Fear is an emotion we all feel and all react to, even those of you who are adrenaline junkies and appear to be afraid of nothing.

Many years ago I first heard the saying, “Fear is simply false evidence appearing real.” Okay, so what does that mean? It means that most of the time, fear is not real. It is contrived in our minds, Continue Reading »


Is It Okay for Grown Men to Cry?

Is It Okay for Grown Men to Cry?At first hearing this most men would say no – “I would never cry – real men don’t cry!” We are being programmed into believing that crying is for the weak. All the latest shows imply this. Just look at the soap operas and American Idol – the women are always crying like Paula Abdul, but what about their men? Hollywood has found that tough men sell – just look at 50 cent and his new, Continue Reading »


Why You Should Feel Great About Yourself

Why You Should Feel Great About YourselfFeeling great about yourself is the prime mover in all areas of the law of attraction. When you feel great about yourself all other areas of your life seem to fall into place a lot quicker and easier. It is the glue that holds everything together. Sure you still have to work on specific areas of your life, like relationships, money, job/career, business and so forth but these Continue Reading »


Are You Sick of Chaotic Life?

Are You Sick of Chaotic Life?We see it all too often these days. People doing absurdly high levels of activity in their striving to either simply keep up with life or, in their pursuit of achievement, i. e. ambition. It’s being driven; up to and beyond our capability and capacity. It’s not always a personal choice-some are merely employed and have to operate this way due to poorly structured work systems-and even when it is personal choice, many Continue Reading »


Showing Pride In Your Work

Showing Pride In Your WorkWhat do employers consider when deciding on your compensation, your promotion or whether or not to keep you when the company is going through tough times? The first things considered are your performance and your attitude towards work. Employers need to see how you are an asset to the company. They need to see how you make your work relevant and how your contributions push the company forward. It’s then very Continue Reading »


Personal Image

Personal ImageImage counts when it comes to making a first and, oftentimes, lasting impression. How we dress has a remarkable impact on the people we meet professionally and socially. It not only affects how they view us; it also dictates how they treat us. Someone who isn’t quite sure how to pull it all together may be seen as lacking self-esteem, while a well-dressed individual is usually perceived as self confident, Continue Reading »


My Golden Years

My Golden YearsHave you noticed that some mature men and women look so old and others of the same age appear much younger? It is true that there are many factors contributing to these differences. However, I believe that we can take charge of our lives and enjoy the golden years as a vital, active, healthy contributing person.

The following guidelines can assist you to set your intent to enjoy your Continue Reading »